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The Laundramoon laundry and dry cleaning service have been designed to meet every individual need. Whether its regular wash, tumble dry, bedding and towels and other regularly used items, we have got all your laundry service covered.

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Laundry Service

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Get Ready For Our Laundry Service!

We offer distinct laundry services to all our clients as per the requirement. The service includes wash, tumble dry and fold service. All items will be machine washed, tumble dried on medium heat and folded (not ironed) and will be returned to you. The laundry service is one of our most popular services and is widely booked by customers.

What's there in the service -

This is a simple service wash service, but laundered-with-love and care - ideal for casual clothing.

  • Clothes (those suitable for a cool wash)
  • Towels, bedding and kitchen linen not included
  • Charged by the bag
  • Lights and darks separated
  • Washed at 30℃
  • Tumble dried on medium heat
  • Folded (not ironed)

How it works?

We collect, clean and deliver all your laundry and dry cleaning on time.

Laundry Collection

We Collect

Place and order online via our App or website and we will collect your dirty clothes.

Laundry Cleaning

We Clean

Our expert and professional cleaners will clean all your dirty clothes and will treat the stains.

Clean laundry delivered

We Deliver

We will return your clean clothes back to you without any extra delivery charges.

Laundry Services Pricing

Laundry has always been one of the most challenging parts of the household chores especially when it has stains on it. With Laundramoon laundry service in your area, you can get this service right at your doorstep. We will collect, clean and deliver your laundry within your chosen time slot. Book our laundry service online today and let our experts take care of it with the best treatment it deserves. Check out our laundry service prices below!

Laundry Wash (up to 5 kg)

Wash, Dry & Fold

Laundry Wash (up to 8 kg)

Wash, Dry & Fold

Laundry Wash (up to 10 kg)

Wash, Dry & Fold

Laundry Wash (Additional after 5 kg)

Wash & Press

Your Safety Is Our Prime Concern

From contactless pickups to expert cleaning and quick deliveries, Laundramoon takes all safety measures and industry best practices for your safety. Book our laundry and dry clean services for expert cleaning in your area. Moreover, we're expanding our services and will be reaching the major areas soon.

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